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Baby little princess dress

৳ 2,700.00

Baby fashion dress leopard print skirt with suspenders

৳ 2,070.00

Baby Girl Princess Dress Beauty Belle

৳ 3,150.00

Baby princess dress gold lace

৳ 2,490.00

Children’s Dress Lace Embroidery

৳ 2,560.00

Children’s dress show long skirt lace flower girl

৳ 3,050.00

Children’s flower girl western style trailing birthday spring and summer skirt dress

৳ 2,890.00

Children’s princess wedding dress

৳ 2,790.00

Children’s skirts cross-border style princess skirt dress

৳ 3,050.00

Christmas children’s kindergarten performed wedding dresses

৳ 2,790.00

Embroiderey net yarn princess dress girls beaded children’s baby dress

৳ 3,250.00

Girl big tail multi-layer puff skirt student model catwalk wedding stage dress

৳ 2,750.00

Girl Wedding Princess Single Pack Affordable Plush Play House Children’s Birthday Gift

৳ 2,560.00

Girls princess dress fluffy little flower girl wedding dress children’s evening dress

৳ 5,250.00

Girls Tail Long skirt Tutu Dress

৳ 2,590.00

Girls Tail Tutu Dress

৳ 2,550.00

Girls Teen Baby Design Small Clothes Dress

৳ 2,590.00

Girls’ dress children’s host dresses western style princess dresses

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Girls’ dress long skirts princess dress

৳ 3,890.00

Girls’ Spring Dress Under Skirt Children’s Spring and Autumn Chinese Style

৳ 2,890.00

kid baby girl dress

৳ 2,750.00

Kids Birthday Teenagers Baby Clothes Girls For Dress Girl

৳ 2,290.00

Little girl host dress autumn and winter

৳ 2,750.00

Little Princess Baby Dress

৳ 2,700.00

Baby dress

Kid’s item Baby dress is often more casual than adult clothing, suitable for play and relaxation. More recently, though, a lot of children’s clothing has been heavily influenced by heavy fashion trends.

Why is a baby dress important? (Kid’s item)

When selecting a baby dress, remember three important factors: safety, comfort, and convenience. Babies will be happiest when they’re comfortable and are able to move around their environment. Parents and caregivers will be happiest when they know their baby is safe and they can easily dress, diaper, and care for the baby. Safe baby dresses do not have any buttons or other adornments that could rip off and create a choking hazard, or any drawstrings that could be pulled to create a tripping or strangling hazard. Comfortable baby dresses are made from cotton, because synthetic materials may cause baby skin irritation. They also have flat seams inside and out to prevent skin irritation. Often, caregivers like to dress babies up in bow ties and lace for special occasions such as holidays, weddings, and picture days; however, for day-to-day dressing, simpler outfits mean happier and more comfortable babies.

A number of factors should be taken into consideration before buying a baby dress Kid’s item, some of these are:

Comfortable Kid’s item :

It is important that the clothes should be comfortable. Make them select their clothes as well this will be happy wearing what they select, this way they will be happy wearing what they select, this will add to their confidence and self-esteem and they will also develop their fashion sense. The fabric should be smooth and not irritate the skin. It should be lightweight.

Climate and fabric Kid’s item:

 The fabric should be selected according to the climate to make it more suitable for eg: during summer cotton clothes should be preferred as cotton absorbs perspiration easily. Nowadays organic kids’ wear is in demand and gained popularity due to various reasons, the entire cloth is designed from high-grade organic cotton, which allows the sensitive skin of children to breathe and prevent rashes and allergies.

Ease of Dressing and Undressing:

Tight dresses should be avoided; they tend to have larger stomachs. Children’s wear must have sufficient seam allowances and must offer styles so that adults and children should be able to wear and remove the garment easily.


Kids’ wear should not have drawstrings as they have a tendency to wind around the child’s neck and cause danger. Fasteners should not be attached in the wrong place which may hurt the kid. They should be soft, warm, and porous and for babies, elasticized garments should be avoided.


Trim can make a garment special to a child-like decorative machine stitching, embroidery, smocking, ribbons, braid, and ruffles but keep in mind hard materials having sharp edges should not be used in babies’ garments as it may harm the tender skin.


For kids, full opening should be preferred. Always use Velcro as kids just love having Velcro on their clothes as it is easier for them to change their clothes.

Flame retardant:

The fabric should be flame retardant as children love to experiment and may play with fire as they are unaware of its harmful effects.

Ease of dressing:

Tight dresses should be avoided as they tend to have larger stomachs. Children wear must have sufficient seam allowances and must offer styles so that adults and children should be able to wear and remove the garments easily.

Design and Colour:

Clothes should express simplicity and at the same time be smart. It again depends on occasions and the upbeat style, eye-catching colors and splendid designs of their clothing define their style statement. Kids always like jazzy colors and cranky designs with multiple colors.

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